Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore - 富贵山庄(新加坡)

- State of The Art Six Star Premium Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial Garden, 富贵山庄(新加坡) is a state-of-the art six star premium Columbarium in Singapore located at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore 699816. This peaceful burial chamber for cinerary urns is extremely modern with luxurious facilities and services.

Nirvana simply means stubbing out or liberating oneself from life’s bad traits like jealousy, evil desires and lack of knowledge and so on. It is only after successfully freeing oneself from these binding traits that one can be able to enjoy a complete peace of mind and the cycle of life and death becomes irrelevant since one becomes totally free from karmic debts as a result.

Through the very latest modern state of art technology, Nirvana Memorial Garden columbary has achieved an admirable combination of Chinese culture and modern architecture. Through this same technology, this final resting home has proven that a columbarium need not be cold and dreary, it can be a warm and comfortable place for family and friends to see off their dear departed ones. The cafeteria especially offers a cozy atmosphere for the relatives not only to catch up on each others lives but to share an excellent meal after paying respect to the ancestors. But what exactly is a Columbarium? 


Why Do Pre-Planing For Your Future?

1. Peace Of Mind - One issue that constantly bothers the human mind is whether their remains and those of their loved ones will be treated with love and respect many years after their demise. It is only by pre-planning for this by engaging a dependable company that offers such services that one can be able to enjoy a peace of mind. About 95% of Nirvana customers happen to be buying niches for themselves or other family members as a pre-planning measure.

2. Improve Your Life - The Feng Shui believers trust that a good niche will grant peace to a departed soul and a good feng shui will improve ones life by bringing miracles and changing ones destiny thus bringing happiness and success into their lives. 

3. Feng Shui Advise - A perfect feng shui niche can also benefit future generations with the fruit of labor and therefore successful and healthy lives. 

4. Filial Piety -Filial Piety is the greatest gift one can offer the elderly especially after their departure. It is precisely for this reason that Nirvana offers ancestral tablets to those who wish for dedicatory services.  This demand has led to a constant increase of the prices over the years with the rates going up every year. The best thing would be to buy now before the rates go too high. 

Why Choose Nirvana Columbarium Over Other Mausoleums And Columbariums In Singapore?

1. Site Selection - The advantage of choosing Nirvana Memorial Garden over any other columbarium is that you get to choose the feng shui niche you prefer for yourself or family because all burial plots are located on land with good feng shui. 

2. Modernized Cinerarium - In this modernized Premium state of art Columbarium, all niches are housed in air conditioned pavilions therefore creating a comfy and peaceful ambience.

3. Limited land space in Singapore - Choosing to be cremated and stored in a columbarium is a good choice since there is limited space for cemeteries and crematories in Singapore. Many crematories and other burying grounds have to be relocated due to government land planning.

4. Exhumation Services - Nirvana Memorial Garden also offers ancestor relocation or exhumation of graves services from Choa Chu Kang or any cemetery in Singapore for those who want their relatives to rest in a better place than they currently are.

5. Feng Shui Consultation - Customers who purchase a Niche from our service agent arrange for a Feng Shui consultation services on the niche selection with BAZI analysis.

6. Well-Known Brand - NV Multi Asia is Asia's largest bereavement care group with 20 years of experience in the columbarium industry.  You can trust our company to provide you the best service and best of care. The brand is now even spreading at an international level in other South East Asian countries.

7. Zero Interest, Attractive Installment Plan - Nirvana Memorial Garden offers a free 2 year payment plan with absolutely 0% interest. With our easy payment plans that reduce your financial burden, You cannot find a better scheme than this.

8. No Hidden Cost- Our Nirvana Price are of one time payment. No other monthly maintenance or hidden cost is required. There is no more monthly maintenance fee required after the purchase. Find out more from our Nirvana Agent. See our Nirvana Promotion here.  


What Is A Columbarium?

A columbarium or a cinerarium is a niche or funeral home where ash pitchers for cremation remains are kept in compartments or small cubicles. The Nirvana Memorial Garden offers differently designed urn cubicles that are not only affordable but come in singles, doubles and even family sizes. The management and staff are kind and friendly and this creates a love-filled atmosphere making it easier for relatives to leave their loved ones under their care. This commemorative Park and garden offers burial sites for Buddhists, Taoists, Catholics and Christians as well. It is the best Columbarium in Chua Chu Kang.

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