Nirvana Company Profile

NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd (NV Multi) is a creator in the bereavement business. It is the largest bereavement care industry in all of Asia and is expanding its operations deep within the South Eastern Countries. NV multi offers its support and care to mourning families throughout the country and assists them with funerals, cremations and burial ceremonies and arrangements.

Nirvana NV Multi Founder

NV Multi makes sure that their service is a one-stop service where all their clients needs are met without any inconvenience. This is only because NV Multi realizes that it is the only fully integrated Bereavement care provider in the market and must live up to that responsibility.

Nirvana Memorail NV Milestones

Now, NV Multi developed the Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih. This project is the worlds grandest privatized memorial park. The Park was first setup in 1990 and since then, NV Multi has expanded its operations nationwide and is now extending business into Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Shah Alam, Sibu, Kulai, Segamat, Tiram and Nirvana Singapore. Furthermore, many projects are in line in international countries as well such as Taiwan, Cambodia and Jakarta.


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