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The Nirvana Memorial Garden, 富贵山庄(新加坡) is the only place you will find a six star fully air conditioned columbarium. This Singapore based privatized Memorial park has been magnificently designed on land with good feng shui therefore making it a peaceful place to rest eternally. This land not only grants it’s never ending peace to those who rest on it but to those who come to pray and remember their dear departed ones. The high tech facilities not only offer comfort but sustain the traditions and cultures of the Chinese people. This final resting home is warm and bright unlike the dark and dreary places people are used to.


Ju Xian Dian

This acts as the visitor’s resting lounge where natural sunlight is its main attraction alongside a roof ceiling that is one of a kind. The inviting surroundings and green scenery goes further ahead to make Ju Xian Dian a great place for families to gather and catch up on each others lives. To add extra cheer and eradicate the gloomy feelings that usually accompany a columbarium, there is the life size sculpture of Buddha, lovely bamboo vegetation and the remarkably thrilling Feng Shui balls that rotate fascinatingly.


Hall Of Three Buddha

This grand hall is the home of the three Buddhas of Sama namely Amitābha Buddha, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva. These Buddhas are said to be the care takers of the realms of heaven, man and earth in that order. The departure ceremony also known as Sheng Tian Yi Shi being the only one in Southeast Asia has attracted a lot of curiosity from the media and more so the Reuters. This is the same ceremony that takes place in this grand hall to indicate that an urn has been officially placed into its niche. Rhythmic, relentless chanting and lighting accompany this sad and noble ritual and is used to illustrate the departed ones journey to the other side (Western Paradise). By taking part in this ritual, the mourners find comfort and peace and are therefore able to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones.


The Praying Hall

This graceful hall was specifically designed for clients to pray in as they remember their ancestors and loved ones. It also enables visitors to worship the Three Sages of the West namely Amitābha, Mahāsthāmaprāpta and Avalokiteśvara not forgetting the bodhisattva Kitigarbha.


Ji Ling Suite | Nirvana Singapore

This is Nirvana Memorial home’s special room where clients are allowed to keep the photographs of their departed one for forty nine days. Constant religious chants and prayers are offered in this suite which makes the clients happy and glad that the souls of their dear one are in a peaceful home.


Memorial Suite

For many centuries, the Chinese have inherited the tradition of placing ancestral tablets in their homes. These ancestral pedestals are the key points of any home simply because they remind the family of the lives of their long gone ancestors therefore bringing the family much closer based on a centuries old blood lineage. The Nirvana Memorial Garden being well aware of the importance of this tradition has been offering ancestral tablets to allow the clients to honor their loved ones the traditional way. This suite’s elegancy encourages the people to relax considerably as they honor their loved ones.



Nirvana Cafeteria

This cafeteria is Nirvana’s Memorial Garden pride and joy because it provides family and friends with a warm place to catch up and enjoy a special meal as they console one another. The comfy and luxurious air takes darkness and gloominess out of this columbarium making it easier for them to bear their loss.

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