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Nirvana News and Articles
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Nirvana Memorial Media and news

What the Meaning of Nirvana?

Nirvana means acquiring a state of mind which is obtained by liberation or moksha. Nirvana literally means “Blowing out a Candle”. Just as the fire which goes out, does not passes away, merely becomes invisible by passing into the space, similarly nirvana does not mean non existence, rather transformation into an another existence and experience. It means a “Bliss” as nirvana is known to be the freedom from worldly state of unhappiness, satisfaction, desire, jealousy and happiness. [Read More...] 

What is a Columbarium?

A Columbarium is a respectful place where the departed or the deceased are laid to rest peacefully by their descendants. The deceased’s mortal remains are placed in a container called “urn” and are placed in Columbarium. The urns are placed inside the niches which can be customized by the family members by keeping the likings of the deceased such as the accessories, photographs, mementos of the deceased etc so as to commemorate the life of the deceased.
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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Nirvana

NV Multi Asia is the largest bereavement care Industry of Asia and offers its supports to families all over the country, helping them with funerals, burials and cremations. [Read More ...]


Funeral Memorial Services in Singapore

Singapore Casket Company provided privileges funeral service provider in Singapore with the help of 50 dedicated employees. But there are a lots of funeral memorial services in Singapore like as ALL SAINTS Care Services [Read More ...]


What is a funeral?

The word “funeral” comes from a Latin word ‘funus’ which means a ceremony for celebrating , paying respect and remembering the life of the person who has died. Funeral comprises of various customs, beliefs and rituals according to the culture for remembering the departed soul. Customs can vary from the cultures and between religious affiliations within the cultures. [Read More...]